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Hoop Phi Hoop basketball organization is totally committed to developing youth physically, mentally, and socially. We provide the skills that builds character, self- esteem, and positive attitudes. Hoop Phi Hoop encourages student athletes to achieve their goals, work hard, and NEVER GIVE UP!


Many players who have attended other camps say they learned more at Jay Lee's Positive Choice Basketball Camp than all the other camps put together. This has been the number one comment that we have gotten in the 15 years of shooting camps. We credit this to our drills, techniques, word usage, as well as the one-on-one individual instruction.

Another fact that we are proud of is that even though many players that attend the camp didn`t play much prior to coming, after attending out basketball camp they were able to go back and not only lead their team in scoring but also their conference.

At our basketball shooting camps, we do a very good job of teaching players how to correctly run the drills we teach at our camps. By learning to run the camp drills correctly they will do a better job practicing on their own at home. This is key if a player wants to develop into a high scorer and great offensive player.


We have "The Most Simplified" way of teaching shooting and other offensive fundamentals. All players are able to easily learn from our simplified drills, techniques, and word usage. We know this from our 15 years of teaching shooting and from past testimonials. After attending our basketball camp, our players go on to tell other players about what they have learned. This plays a big factor in making Jay Lee's Positive Choice Basketball Camp the number one attended shooting camp in South Florida.


No other camp in South Florida can match what we will teach a player. In the four days we also provide 9 games and contests. If you really want to improve your game, plan on joining us this summer for a great learning experience. We take great pride in helping each player become their best.


(Boys and Girls) To put it simply with our experience of successfully helping thousands of players become better, we can easily improve your basketball fundamentals and skills so that you can shoot, pass, drive, and in general score better.


Travel Basketball

We are looking forward to an outstanding Travel Basketball Season as we strive to build individual character, team concepts and exceptional basketball skills.

Together we can teach our youth to achieve, and make a difference on and off the basketball court.

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Hoop Phi Hoop offers both Private and Group Basketball Training. We intensively teach basketball techniques such as shooting, ball handling, offensive and defensive moves to players of all ages.  While increasing their knowledge of the game, players will enhance their mental toughness, self-confidence, and fundamental skills. These skills will provide players with a competitive edge on and off the basketball court.

If you are interested in having your child improve his/her basketball skills, we invite you to enroll them in Private or Group Training Sessions.

Private: Click Here | Group: Click Here


College Hoops

For your convenience, we have listed the various college basketball associations.  The association titles and logos will take you to the association's website.  The division or league link will take you to a page with a list of the individual schools within that division or league and a hot link over to that specific school.  Once on the school site you should be able to locate their basketball program and the contact individual you need to connect with.  We hope this will assist you in locating a college scholarship and be an encouragement for all the upcoming stars to continue with their education as well as their sport.  We wish you the best and good luck!

Hoop Phi Hoop Basketball Shooting Camp provides great one-on-one basketball shooting techniques and instruction for both boys and girls grades four through twelve.  In the last 15 years over 5,000 have attended Hoop Phi Hoop Basketball Camps.
Hoop Phi Hoop Basketball Camp Miami Miramar Pembroke Pines | Hoop Phi Hoop | Florida
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